Partner schools from Lithuania, Malta and Finland are testing the AI lesson materials piece-by-piece. As soon as a new part of the materials is completed by developers, teachers try out the materials with students. After testing each lesson, teachers give their feedback on the structure, contents and tasks of the materials. They evaluate the quality of the materials and their effect on student skill development.

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is responsible for the development of lesson materials for the topic Robotic Arm and Computer Vision. Partner is also testing produced materials with students of MCAST. Joining this exclusive class is voluntary and based on students’ interest. In February, ICT Institute invited MCAST Level 4.2 students to enroll to these practical and fun Autonomous Driving with Computer Vision classes.

The screenshot above is from an online lesson (on Microsoft Teams) for the topic Robotic Arm and Computer Vision, Lesson 1 – Part 2 (practical part). There were 3 active students during the lesson and later, 2 more students joined. In the session we used Python to train a machine learning model that was able to classify types of Iris flowers.

The lesson was given by the creator of these lesson materials, project’s intellectual output team member Thomas Gatt, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Information and Communication Technology.