Introducing Artificial Intelligence to Vocational Schools in Europe project

Multiplier Event – AI skills for VET

8.6.2022 at 13.30 EET

We organized the multiplier event in Seinäjoki Arena on the 8th of June. During this event project and its results were presented. Development manager Marja-Terttu Kurunsaari opened the event. The learning materials, local pilot and international hackathon were presented by ICT teacher Jari Kattelus. After Jari’s presentation, participants questions and discussions, International Affairs Specialist Timo Paakkanen presented the quality and impact survey results.

We disseminated information about this event to 28 schools in our region, we made a press release and in addition with the support of our NA we sent invitation to all VET school’s international coordinators in Finland. A group of international visitors at Sedu and they were interested to come to the multiplier event.

We had in total 14 participants: one representative from the local university of applied sciences and 13 international participants. In addition, there were seven Sedu staff members involved.

12.30 Lunch
13.30 Opening words
Development Manager Marja-Terttu Kurunsaari, Sedu
13:40 Presenting Introducing Artificial Intelligence to Vocational Schools in Europe project results, the piloting stage, and the Hackathon ICT teacher Jari Kattelus, Sedu
14:30 Quality and Impact survey results International Affairs Specialist Timo Paakkanen, Sedu
15.00 End of the program