Project partners of the Introducing AI project met for an interim project meeting, which took place on 10-11 March, 2022 in Tübingen, Germany. The meeting was hosted by partner IT4Kids.

Unfortunately, representatives from two partner organizations could not participate in person, but they were involved in meeting sessions remotely, using necessary technical equipment.

For the other partners, it was a possibility to meet in person – for many, for the first time in the project, which started in October 2020.

At this point of the project, the piloting activities are still taking place, but there was also a big amount of feedback from the teachers already for the good practices and improvement of material.

Meeting agenda:


Word of welcome. Introduction of meeting participants.

Progress in project activities presented by each partner

A presentation of the results of questionnaires. Sharing and discussing feedback from the testing.

Brainstorming on solutions and updates. Presentation of suggested improvements. Discussion

Planning the contents and organization of the student’s hackathon


Dissemination plans (workshop and presentation). Multiplier events and the sustainability of the AI course

Overview of the project plan

Planning the final TPM

Use of budget and other management issues

Next steps. Q&A

Evaluation of the meeting

A visit to Tübingen AI research center.

The meeting was successful as we reached the planned goals. An action plan was made for the rest of the project’s timeline. The visit to AI research center was an exciting opportunity to meet Spot, the 4-legged robot from Boston Dynamics, as well as learn about the collaboration of education and business for creating technological innovations.